Why are we are no longer Free and Open-Source!

I know biggest question that everyone has on this forum is what happend to free and open-source and is this project still open-source !

And before you guys start blaming me saying i betrayed the open-source community let me share my own point of view !

Developing a project like this require a lot of man hours and full time developers working on it. That’s why you cant really run this project without funds.

Now funds can come through Donations - which is primarily how an open-source project should ideally be funded so that it retains its open culture !

But the funds obtained through donations is not enough to sustain this business. At least not right now … until we have a bigger community !

So another option we have with us is to go with a freemium model where we open-source some of the project and close source some part which we considered paid. I dont like this option because its quite misleading … you mislead people to believe that your product is free which is not the case !

Or we look for an Investor who will fund this open-source project. We do have offers from few investors also. But i avoided this option because it involves give up some autonomy over this project !

Therefore the only best option to fund this project right now is the charge our customers and users …

Paying some money is much better than losing our autonomy in the long term !

Concept of Free and Open-Source is good when its used to make the culture more democratic and open.

But free and open-source should not become a means for exploitation of developers who are then forced to work without a salary or pay to support open-source projects !

The burdon of following the ethics & morals rests not just on the developers but the community also … a project cant truly be a free and open-source unless we have a community which supports it !
Not just with contributions but with funds and donations also !

Sumeet Moray
Founder, Nearby Shops Project

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Truly Said!
We all should collaborate, contribute & also fund to this project on a regular basis,
We should stand in profit and as well as in loss.
It will motivate the developers who are working hard for us day n night.
I am paying & using seamlessly.
Come on guys, you can also join.