Upgrading the System backend

I’ve downloaded the new jar file to the server. I’ve modified nearbyshopsapi.service with the new file path. The apps are not working anymore, what could be the problem?

read this guide …
after modifying nearbyshopsapi.service you need to

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart nearbyshopsapi
systemctl status nearbyshopsapi

if the status shows ok and green you are good to go …

There could be a spelling mistake in you nearbyshopsapi.service file

Check spelling and try again

Hello I don’t understand what is wrong. I’ve checked for any spelling errors but found none.

the file downloaded is nearbyshops-api-latest.jar

In the system it is " nearbyshops-api-latest.jar.1"

Should i include the “1”?

Send me your droplet ip and ssh password …

I will take a look

password check whatsapp

Fixed it …
the issue was you’ve downloaded the old file … due to browser cache … you need to refresh this page
then download the new file … whose link is

Thanks brother let me check it out.