Unable to login in my new instance app with admin

After deploying APK on my mobile unable to sign in with my admin login details.

I think there my might be some error in my installation part.
Please guide me.

did you try to recover the password of the admin email ?
If not then set up your Mailgun credentials and give it a try

did you connect your mobile application via the url in PrefGeneral.java ?
Do you get a JSON back when accessing http://yourhost/api/ServiceConfiguration
Did you restart the docker after setting your admin password ?

what are the changes to be made in PrefGeneral.java ?
i got JSON back when accessing http://yourhost/api/ServiceConfiguration

I am also unable to create any new account in the app

Download the latest Version from Github please. All the necessary settings are now in custom_settings.xml.
The most important one is custom_url (before in PrefGeneral.java)

Regarding user creation, that is due to the mail settings
You need to create a Mailgun account and update the SMTP configurations on server side api_config.properties

unable to locate custom_settings.xml in whole project

You have to download the latest version from Github.


before downloading could you please help me to locate the file in GitHub

thanks for locating, i have got it

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I sent you the path in my last post

You can’t just copy it to your project
You must make a rebase a pull or clone
There are some more changes to make that work.
But if you do so you will just need to change that one file

currently only 2 products can seen on activity, it could be good to see at least 4 products on single screen.
The size for single item in the list view should be reduced.
How to make this happen?

i have attached other image also just to compare how nice it looks

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Create an issue on github maybe

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