Some questions about the managed hosting plan

I would like to use this app to help my community during this Covid , and thank a lot
Question 1 : is it possible to customize the end user’s language ?
Question 2 : Can customers set their delivery address using their current location?
Question 3 : Can users leave feedback about the shop and product?
Question 4 : is the app 100% white label ?
Question 5 : Can I cover multiple markets from one single app ?
Question 6 : Can the admin set a minimum total per order for free delivery ?
Thanks alot again

Answer 1 : Yes it is possbile to customize end-users language
Answer 2 : We do support delivery GPS location when saving delivery address … but to set delivery address using current location this feature will come in future.

Answer 3 : yes

Answer 4 : yes but be aware its only for non-commercial use.

Answer 5 : No if you are using whitelabel custom app.
But you can create multiple markets if your markets are accessible from Nearby Shops app.

Answer 6 : These features will be coming in future !