Snapshot Transfer Requests!

Hi, i would like to request for the Droplet snapshot starter image. My email is

Hi Sumeet.

I would like to make a request for a droplet snaphot of DO image,please.

My DO email is

Thank you so much.

okay i have initiated the transfer … please check your DO account !

I want to start the application for my community.
Could you help main in installation
I am intermediate in IT but pretty new with pre-reqsuits of the project.

hi naeem welcome to the forum !

Dont worry about prerequisites … we have now released an easy installation guide using docker … you can install with very basic knowledge !

Please checkout :

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Good Afternoon @sumeet. Can you please send to my DO account a snapshot of nearbyshops? my DO email is I will very grateful. :pray:

hi @Tokkaido welcome to the forum !

Have you tried our docker installation … its much easier compared to installing using snapshot transfer !

try it … and if you face any problem tell me … i will install the market for you … !