Snapshot Transfer Requests!

If you come from a non-technical background you can send us a request to create a market for you. We will help you out !

If you know how to install Nearby Shops Instance on Digital Ocean then please follow the instructions given below !

If you are looking to install Nearby Shops backend on Digital Ocean ! An easy way to do that is by creating a droplet from Nearby Shops starter snapshot image.

To request Droplet snapshot starter image. You need to Give us your email associated with DO account and we will transfer the nearby shops starter image to your account.

… you can reply to in this thread mentioning your DO email … if you’re not comfortable in sharing publicly you can also PM me your email associated with DO account !


Hi @sumeet thanks for the great work. I have a Digital Ocean account and would like to request for the Droplet snapshot starter image. My DO username is “sapphireimportex”. Thanks in advance

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Thanks for posting here … and welcome to the forum amuri …

I am sending you a snapshot … will update you when the transfer is complete . By using it you will be able to install Nearby Shops backend easily …

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I will be much greatful

it is asking for your e-mail … of DO account …

… you can share e-mail over Private message … if you feel like …

transfer initiated … its going to take some time to copy the data and complete the transfer …

Thanks @sumeet the transfer was successful. I need to configure the new API address on the clients app. Under the PrefGeneral.class there are several string constants, DEFAULT_SERVICE_URL,SERVICE_URL_NEARBYSHOPS which one should i change exactly?

I havent updated the instructions … so i am providing you here new instructions …

You need to Make sure you “getMultiMarketMode” method returns false … and getServiceURL method returns your service URL …

So make any Constant like
public static final String DEFAULT_SERVICE_URL = “”;

replace with your url

then in the getServiceURL method … put your URL like this

return sharedPref.getString(TAG_SERVICE_URL, DEFAULT_SERVICE_URL);

TAG_SERVICE_URL is not defined anywhere. If i were to fine it what will i assign it and yet i have the DEFAULT_SERVICE_URL

its defined … you only have to modify DEFAULT_SERVICE_URL … everything else remains same …

or if nothing works you can also do it like


Hi, @sumeet thanks for all that you do. I have a Digital Ocean account and would like to request for the Droplet snapshot starter image. My DO username is “Ernestyga”.


Hi dullar … welcome to the forum …

I will require your e-mail associated with your DO account. Because digital Ocean does not allow transfer using username.


Please use

Thanks in advance

Thanks a lot. I will wait.

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You are welcome …!!

I will be glad to help you … Currently I am a little busy … But I will transfer the image for sure !!

Thanks for posting here … !

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Ok @sumeet. Thanks. I will look forward to it

hi @Dullar … yes … i have initiated the transfer … you should now go into your DO panel and approve the transfer !


If you need any further help … feel free to ask or post on this forum !

Thanks @sumeet. I will check .

Hello sumeet. Good job.
I have an account in DO and I need the droplet please