Service Provider Enrollment Requests

If you are interested in enrolling as a service provider on Nearby Shops platform please post your requests here. With your details.

Also feel free to ask any questions you have.

An Example :

I am interested in enrolling as a Service Provider

Location : Paris, France
About You : My name is abc i want to create my own market on nearby shops platform.

Hi Sumeet, as you know, we are working as a service providers with our own Hyperlocal idea in Colombia.

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Estoy interesado en inscribirme como proveedor de servicios

Ubicación: Panama
Acerca de usted: Mi nombre es Axel Rivera. Quiero crear mi propio mercado en la plataforma de tiendas cercanas.

Hi Sumeet.

First of all thank you for this amazing work that you’re doing!

I’m Hector and I live in Honduras. Due to Coronavirus, we are under quarantine and people have had difficulty in getting their hands on food. I think that we need to find a new way to connect people with their food, as the traditional one of going to the supermarket is for now, indefinitely suspended. Delivery services are extremely important right now but a lot of places lack the platforms to get this done.

I am very interested in trying to set up a market in a small town of around 20,000. This town is a tourism destination but is of course entirely closed for the time being. That’s left a lot of tuc tucs available that could be repurposed for food and medication delivery.

I think your project is the way to go, but I have no idea how to even get started with the technical aspects, what the project roadmap is, and how i could start working on translating to spanish. I only do data visualizations and some dashboards in R, but have no other coding experience.

Let me know if you have some guidance and share any experiences with other people who want to be service providers.


Hi Hector,

Welcome to the forum,

Dont worry at all. We will provide you all the help that you need. And we will setup a local market for you.

Give me you admin e-mail … i will create a market for you you can access the admin dashboard through your admin email !

You can send me your email over Personal Message for privacy reasons !