Server on GCloud Done! Where to next?

Hi Sumeet,

First of all appreciate the great work done by you! Pretty awesome.

So i followed this -> and have successfully installed a docker image and was able to access the http://******/api/ServiceConfiguration.

I am at a loss here. How do i setup my app and website for a market place. I tried following this -> but was stuck at step 1. Can you please guide me.

Thanks & Cheers!

Hi anurag, welcome to the forum dear friend !

We recently updated our app customization process. The app customization tutorial needs to be updated.

This project was free until recently but we are looking to introduce pricing. We might have something like a free trial or a free plan.

I hope that’s okay with you !

Hi sumeet,

Thanks for letting me know.
Can I have an idea of what the pricing shall be? And what all would be included in the pricing.
I hope that asking the pricing is okay as this decides the future of our project.

Anyways seriously a very nice work done.