Search on Google Map keeps Closing!

Trying to add shop as a seller in vendor app but the search on map to add location keep closing. Please let me know why.

Search on Google Maps keeps closing because you have not activated geocoding and places api for your Google Maps API …

Once you activate Geocoding and Places API for your Google Maps API Key it will start working !

In order you activate these APIs you also need to create a billing account in Google Console … and it may ask you for a credit card also …

Once you activate billing and Geocoding and Places API the search will start working !

Please note that … Search is a paid service and please read the Google Maps pricing in order to have an estimate of how much you may have to pay to Google for these features !

Enabled and still I see the issue. Closed and opened the app as well.

As i told you … enabling these apis will not be enough … you need to enable billing also in google console … and that may require credit card verification !

I have linked a billing account but still face same issue.

I faced the same issue when i was setting Google Maps and when i setup billing it went away automatically !

May be I will check the log by running locally. Where do I configure the Map API key in the API server. I couldn’t find an entry in the file. or is it set in the android app?

I think some issue with the Map API I have shared with you for generating the apps. I will share a new Map API please generate the app again share with me.

Its set in the android app … goto custom_settings.xml file …

There is no need to set api key on server config

yes … please share !