Request for Server Installation

please share your logcat while the app crashes .

Redmi 4 has a very old android version. Kitkat is the lowest we support. Can you try running demo on any newer version android phone !

I am using Android 7.1.2

Crash log :

Just updated the app and fixed this error … can you try installing the app once more from this page …
and check if the same error occur once again !

admin Email
Location : India
About You : My name is Navin i want to create my own market on nearby shops platform. For our local market. Can you please setup a account.

Hello friend, I would like to know how to acquire “Multi-Vendor Marketplace”, how do I contact you? Best regards

Have you seen the demo … If you want to setup.
You can make a payment.

If you can setup yourself that’s okay if you want us to setup charges will be extra !

Good Day, My Name is Aslam aka Acetechds

Due to the lock down I was looking of ways to improve local shopping online.
admin email:
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
About You: Local StartUp Company, looking at ways to better serve SME’s and keeping cost down low.


I would like to setup a local market but i have no idea how to do it.
we are in a small town call Anserma Caldas in Colombia.
I really appreciate your help.

admin Email:
Location Anserma Caldas Colombia
Language: Spanish

Thank you

Hi @jucavaco I can do this full installation for you if sumeet permits. Sumeet please respond. You can pay sumeet the charge for installation, it will help to improve this project.

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