RE: Request for Server Installation

Hello Sumeet ,
I think I won’t be able to install this on my own , I would love if you can help me with it , DO gave me 100$ credits for the next 60days (so I am not supposed to pay for hosting) .
I have 30$ I can send it to you to do this for me .

Dont worry i will help you out … Just create a droplet using this image

And send me its IP and SSH password ! I will install the server for you !

Do you have a domain name ?

By the way i will advice you to learn installation … its very easy … because if you learn it it will be easy for you to maintain your server !

Dont worry about 30 $ keep it with you !

If you cant create a droplet …
I can host the server for you … you can pay me later also !

Okey I will create a droplet and send you the ip and SSH password , I didn’t buy a domain name yet , I will buy one right now .

Thank youuu

Dont spend your money on buying a domain name ! … Its not really necessary !

Are you aware of Markets Option ! Its more simple and easier than white label option. You dont have to publish the app on Google Play. Your market can be accessed through our Nearby Shops app.

You can try white label option later also ! You can try it any time !

But if you start with multi-market option you can save your google account money also !

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YOu can create 2-3 markets on our app also. And all markets hosted on one server !

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I mean you can go both ways … White label and Multi - Market !

Yes I am aware of the Market’s options , but I still prefer the white label single-market option .

As you wish ! But you need to customize the app yourself ! If you can do it then its good !

Dont worry there is a documentation for that ! and its easy !

Oh great , that’s great
will you install the third-parties integrations for me or I have do it ?

You need to get the API keys ! and then i can help you integrate !

Have you tried reading the installation guide … just follow the steps ! and type commands !

I promise its very simple … it only takes 10 minutes !

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yes I’ve read , but I am confused will I have to connect to the server through ssh from my computer and do it , or I can just do it from the console in my DO dashboard ?

Also which api’s keys are needed ?

One for SMS and other for Email … given here …

I think you can connect through SSH from your computer and try to do it from your console in DO dashboard also !

Both way its okay !

Okey I will give it a chance , and let you know

I think I am doing well , I have a question about the url for endpoint ( [IP:port]/api/ServiceConfiguration ), where can I set it up ?
I didn’t get that step

On your firefox browser !

Replace ip and port with your server ip and port !