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Thanks for your time and wish you best of luck about your health.
Regarding installation; Creating private key is very complicated, could you please share your gmail ID so that I could share my VM instance with you?

I refreshed it with static IP, clean installation of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Minimal and created Swap Memory, set hostname of machine.
Rest I have cleaned the installation of docker/java/postgres.

I will highly appreciate if you could help in setting up server/

Waiting for your reply with gmail ID.


Do one thing … just delete that installation droplet … and start a new installation using this
guide …

Create a new droplet using docker one click image _ already given in the following guide !

One more person followed it and he is also a begineer. We have updated it and now it has become simple.

Try it and give me updates if you are stuck up anywhere !

Alright. I am doing it now on clean installation; Will ask for help if stuck again.

yes … and create a new droplet using docker one click … already given in the tutorial … !

I have installed Docker and Docker Compose succesfully.
Downloaded DCF yml file as well in directory nearbyshops
But when I try docker-compose up I get following error
ERROR: Couldn’t connect to Docker daemon at http+docker://localhost - is it running?

If it’s at a non-standard location, specify the URL with the DOCKER_HOST environment variable.

Whereas during installation it showed successful installation.

Start with a docker one click droplet …

No need to install docker …

Create droplet using this link

Hi Summet, I am not on DO. I am using Google Cloud and Google Cloyd Market Place does not have docker.
Option for me is to install Engine and Compose manually on Ubuntu Ready machine.

What do you advise?

Actually i think if you use SUDO then the above problem will be solved …

I havent tried google cloud … but this installation guide is already tested on Digital Ocean Docker One click image …

So if you create an account on Digital Ocean that would be great …

Moreover … you will even receive 100 $ free credit … after creating your account …

use this link to create your account …

Use DO , it’s more easier and will save you a lot of time


After following your instruction:

As per your suggestion, I am doing it on Digital Ocean .New platform for me since I am using Google Cloud Platform for years now.

Installation of docker has been successful, I am on next stage now; If I need help may I disturb you again?


sure … you can disturb us anytime ! we will be happy to help you !

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