Questions about Demo

Dear Customers,

If you have any questions while you check the demo please feel free to ask here !

How do I change the currency format? I don’t see an option in the admin app? Is it part of the mobile app configuration?

I got couple of more questions

  1. When generating monthly bills how to avoid commission on sale? Do I have mark the amount as zero?

  2. I allow delivery by shop themself. How the shop can update order status. I see option to call Delivery or Admin option when I open order I want shop to be able to update the status when delivery by shop is enabled.

Its really simple … go to market profile, then move to bottom and change your country to your Country. Restart your app the currency will automatically be updated !

  1. Simply set the comission to zero the comission will not be added for the vendor !

  2. Yes shop can deliver the items by self. There is an option called “Deliver by Self” Accessible inside the vendor app !

I have installed the demo locally and want to test with demo items. How to load the items? Is it not included with the source code?

Which installation you are talking about … ?
If you are installing through Docker … the items will be available automatically as the database will be setup already !

But if you are installing throught manual installation ! … the item database will be new and hence old items will not be available !

Thankyou for the reply. Yes I did a manual installation of the code I downloaded from Codecanyon. I think it would be nice the db dump for demo items also included with the release for manual installation as well.

in manual installation it gets quite complicated for an average user to load the database … thats why we didnt included it in the manual installation …

but we might consider this for future releases …

Until then if you want items database you can try docker installation !

Trying to add shop as a seller in vendor app but the search on map to add location keep closing. Please let me know why.

How do I check the transactions in the vendor app as a seller? I want to validate whether the currency is displayed correctly.

How the shops are displayed in category? I don’t see an option while editing shop to assign a category.

Yes that feature will be added soon … its under progress !

its automatic and its simple … you dont need to assign category to shops … shops are automatically visible in the category according to the items they add into their shops !

Thanks for the quick response. I am afraid vendor seeing their outstanding amount / credit is crucial as I am generating monthly bill for them they need to know when to top up and their charges being deducted. Could you please priorities on this feature. I want to go live once this is in place.

Yes i will prioritize this … it isnt a big feature … just need to add few links … screens are already there !

I like this automatic deduction of shop categories. I assume if shop listed item from different categories they will appear under each category where they have got products.

Yes … it is exactly like that you can check if you want !

I like the broad item master data you have got there and offering us to use with the app. This saves a lot of time. How ever I am looking for adding some medical / pharmacy items to the master database. Do you already have the data for these type of items where you got from master data.