Question About App Features

Question About App Features: Product Options

I’ve seen the app but have not tried logging in as a user. I noticed that product listing has no production option. Is that this how the app really works?

Production option is very important, especially on Grocery items. We need to have the product option feature so user can just select what options they want.

Options like; Size, Flavor, and etc.

Without product options, you would list the item multiple times as a seller. For instance, a can of sardines, you have:

  • XYZ Bottled Cow’s Milk: Size - 1 Litre
  • XYZ Bottled Cow’s Milk: Size - 12oz

Without product option feature, the above would be listed as separate, instead of just one listing, but with options to choose from.

Is this feature already on the App or not?

No this feature is not available … and before demanding any feature … please note that this is a sparsely funded … open-source project …

… we have very less manpower and resources …

We can only provide basic features … until we get some good source of funding where we can hire few developers !