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I am liking your application very much, due to being a native application, its speed is also very good, but I would like to ask some questions before purchasing. It still has many features to add 1. coupon code discount feature 2. delivery boy on off feature 3. live tracking 4. bulk product upload 5. Order Control by Admin And so on.

Will all these features be added in the coming time?

Will there be more updates of this application in the coming time?

Are you going to make the admin web panel more powerful? With full features?

Hi Tarun, Welcome to the forum !

Thank you for checking our demo ! Let me give you answers to your questions below !

  1. we already have discounts feature and we will be adding support for coupons also very soon.

  2. Yes Sir we already have this feature in the delivery boy dashboard.

  3. We currently provde live time estimate for the delivery. But we will be adding delivery boy tracking on map also very soon.

  4. Yes sir bulk upload in the admin panel will be available soon !

  5. We will consider this for future updates.

Our Admin panel is currently under development …. lots of new feature will be continuously added in the admin panel !

This app is constantly updated and under development and more features will be added soon !

I am interested in a product where I can disable the commission per sale and add fixed monthly payment to vendors based on the shop category / type. Since the backend is in container and Java based code I don’t think I can edit those code to support my requirement. Please let me know if this feature is implemented in the future. I can collect the payment manually but there should be a tracking within the app which I can manually update. I am ready to pay more if this has been implemented.

Dear Customer,

Docker container based installation is optional … you can install without container also. We have tutorial for that.

And we are ready to provide you monthly payment feature at extra customization charge !

Please get in touch with our team using private message to discuss about customization !

Hello, I would like to customize the app.

Dear Customer,

We provide full support for customization … Please get in touch with us using Private Message to discuss about customization !