Project Roadmap and Contributions Required

If you’re a developer, designer or anyone else and you’re interested in contributing to Nearby Shops open-source project you’re welcome. You are welcome to contribute in anyway possible but contribution to following features is highly welcome ! If you help us with following features it is very likely your contributions will be accepted and your name will be added to credits section.

Upcoming Features
Delivery Person Tracking
Listed Price (MRP) and Discount Indication
Global and Instant delivery option for food delivery
Improved Search For items
Web app for End-User
Item Brands and Filter by Item Brands
Item Specifications and Filter by Item Specifications
Item Suggestions and Shop Suggestions
Offers and Discounts and Coupons
Items Versioning
Item Specifications and Filter by Items Specifications
Import Export Items and Other Data
Deep links and Find Shops by QR Code

Features - High Priority - Features highly anticipated

  1. Improved Search For Items - Important
  2. Analytics and Stats for admin and Shop-owners
  3. Integrations to SMS and OTP
  4. Payment Gateway Integrations
  5. Item Brands and Filter by Item Brands
  6. Item versioning Feature - Versioning feature for items database
  7. Filter by Item Specifications
  8. Item Suggestions and Shop Suggestions in Detail Screens
  9. Grouping of Items
  10. Add TLS encryption
  11. CLI for automation and ease of Installation
  12. Migrate GraphQL - Hasura GraphQL
  13. Query Optimization
  14. Performance Testing for API


  1. User-Guide and Explainer Video’s

Detailed Description

  1. Improved Search - Currently Nearby Shops lacks a good search … we need an improved search mechanism for searching shops and items.

  2. Filter by Item Specifications - We already have provision for Item Specifications. But we still havent added filters in our end-user app. If you can do that it will be great !

  3. Logic for Shop Recommendations and Item Recommendations

Features - Low Priority

  1. Web app for Nearby Shops Admin

Thanks for the update…

Payment gateway(s) is one major component. For example most of African countries(by the way am from Kenya) use MPESA mobile payment platform on a daily basis. It would be a great addition to the system. Right now am working on its(Mpesa) integration with the nearby shops system, hope to share with the team as soon as its done.

Yeah one thing to point out … recently i have made lot of improvements in code … so plz download the latest code …

LInks :
Link : (end-user-app) :

Dont work with the old code base … because newer code base is more simple and easy to understand …


If you need any help with the project … feel free to ask me !