New market in south africa

Hi sumeet
My name is Anthony and I want to find out from you what is the best way forward I want to start a local market for groceries and other goods. We want to operate this as a business so we will indeed be paying your monthly fee but keep in mind we haven’t started the business yet so money is to be used very sparingly. Our aim is to eventually have a separately branded app from nearbyshops but who knows when that will happen. I have got a droplet but ran in to some issues on docker compose up upon reading the forum I see it could be digital ocean that is the problem will you be able to guide me in the right direction.


For questions related to technical support use public forum … so that other people can benefit from it also !

It is very easy to create a branded app … if you follow the instructions !

Yes there were some issues … in the previous installation …
but those issues has been fixed in the new update …

delete the existing droplet and install new … ! and see if those issues arise again !

Thanks Sumeet. I destroyed the droplet and started from scratch and that seemed to have solved the problem.

I see it is not too difficult to customize the app once we have everything setup I will be in contact with u to setup payment.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to this project I see you have been busy with it for several years. I know myself and many other people here are very grateful

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Are you able to run the server ?

yeah, i have the server up and running and i have connected the app to that server as well i didn’t run in to any problems there. i am currently customizing the app

I did have trouble setting up the google places api i put in the api key and when i try to detect the location nothing happened but as you can see i’m getting 100% errors

If you have any suggestions they would be welcome but for now I am using the mapbox api.

but so far things are progressing well i"m currently working on the OTP system, for now i’m only using email. i hope to have all aspects setup by the end of the month (i work a full time job so my time is limited for working on the app)

i am sure i will be asking more questions very soon :grinning:

Thanks again for the amazing work you have done!

edit Google maps api is now working seems i had to enable the maps sdk for android as well