New installation

Hello to all!
I’m tring to start a local server to play a little bit with the app before to pay for a server or something.
I’m not expert developer so i hope my questions are not to dumb.
I installed docker and started the container and its showing this:

nbs_api_container | Hello
nbs_api_container | Today is Sat Apr 25 00:33:05 IST 2020
nbs_api_container | Starting Nearby Shops API Server
nbs_api_container | * Starting PostgreSQL 12 database server
nbs_api_container | …done.
nbs_api_container | Apr 25, 2020 12:33:10 AM org.apache.commons.beanutils.FluentPropertyBeanIntrospector introspect
nbs_api_container | INFO: Error when creating PropertyDescriptor for public final void org.apache.commons.configuration2.AbstractConfiguration.setProperty(java.lang.String,java.lang.Object)! Ignoring this property.
nbs_api_container | Printing API Configuration :
nbs_api_container | Base URI : localhost:80
nbs_api_container | Postgres Connection URL :
nbs_api_container | SMTP URL :
nbs_api_container | SMTP PORT : 587
nbs_api_container | SMTP USERNAME : postmaster
nbs_api_container | SMTP PASSWORD : abcde12345
nbs_api_container | Email Sender Name : Farmers Garden
nbs_api_container | Email Address : noreply
nbs_api_container | Postgres Username : nearbyshops
nbs_api_container | Postgres Password : dailyneeds
nbs_api_container | MSG91_KEY : abcde12345
nbs_api_container | Joining Credit For End-User : 100
nbs_api_container | Joining Credit For Shop-Owner : 100
nbs_api_container | Token Duration Minutes : 1440
nbs_api_container | Email Verification Code Expiry Minutes : 10
nbs_api_container | Phone OTP Expiry Minutes : 10
nbs_api_container | Password Reset Code Expiry Minutes : 10
nbs_api_container | MAX LIMIT : 100
nbs_api_container | Tables Upgrade Complete … !
nbs_api_container | Tables Created … !
nbs_api_container | Admin Username : | Admin Password : password
nbs_api_container | SLF4J: Failed to load class “org.slf4j.impl.StaticLoggerBinder”.
nbs_api_container | SLF4J: Defaulting to no-operation (NOP) logger implementation
nbs_api_container | SLF4J: See for further details.
nbs_api_container | Admin Role updated : Row count : 1
nbs_api_container | Base URL : localhost:80
nbs_api_container | Ping Response Code : 404
nbs_api_container | Ping Response Code : 304
(i deleted some urls due to limitation of two links for new users)

note that in this part:
INFO: Error when creating PropertyDescriptor for public final void org.apache.commons.configuration2.AbstractConfiguration.setProperty(java.lang.String,java.lang.Object)! Ignoring this property.

not sure if its important? i changed the urls with localhost…hope it works…)
I opened this url localhost/api/ServiceConfiguration and it worked. so i supose its working.

now hwat i m suposed to do? how can i create the markets? i started the android app on my phone (i previosly changed the IPs of the configuration file to point to the container server. but its showing me and offline message. and when i click the login button the app closes.

it’s really easier with DIgitalOcean and you do not have to pay as they give you 100$ credit and you only pay 5$. per month for the smallest droplet.

In case of a local server I suppose that you would need to open the firewall to allow inbound HTTP/HTTPS connections.

Are you using the NeabryShops app from the Google Play Store or did you deploy the app via AndroidStudio ?

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it would be nice if i can install a local server version to test before a little bit.
i m using the source code with android studio.
windows firewall is disabled. and i can reach the “/api/ServiceConfiguration” url on chrome via the phone (phisical device) that i m using to test the app.
if i understod good i need to modify these variables and put the ip of the local server?

public static final String SERVICE_URL_LOCAL_HOTSPOT = "";
public static final String SERVICE_URL_NEARBYSHOPS_DEMO = "";
public static final String SERVICE_URL_LOCAL_ = "";

is it right?

you should leave these at their default settings:

public static final String SERVICE_URL_LOCAL_HOTSPOT = "";

public static final String SERVICE_URL_NEARBYSHOPS_DEMO = "";

public static final String SERVICE_URL_LOCAL_ = "";

the ones you need to set are the following two

  // for multi-market mode set default service url to null and multi market mode to true
  // for single-market mode set multi-market mode false and set default service url to your api server url
  public static final String DEFAULT_SERVICE_URL = "http://YOURIP";
  public static final boolean MULTI_MARKET_MODE_ENABLED = false;
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thanks now its running! and what are the other ips?

I just started to use the project, too, so I’m not sure.

My AndroidStudio tells me that they’re not used so they might belong to deprecated functionalities or have been replaced by more complex constructs. Or they belong to new features :grinning: the multi-market mode for example.


just was editing the other answer. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks a lot now it works. thats such a nice project! is it stable?


For now I just encountered minor bugs and in general it works really great. But I do not have any real users yet. Don’t really know about other projects, but Sumeet mentioned a use case of 100’s of vendors working fine with just one DigitalOcean droplet.

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wow that sounds so nice!
now i have another little problem, markets are listed but i can’acces to admin panel. It tells me that login is incorrect. i m using the one in # admin account for managing the service. is it right?

Sorry but I gotta ask.
Did Sumeet give you the tutorial link ?
I’m not so sure how he handles this but just be aware that there is a pricing list.
I do not want to put the tutorial steps online as this is not my project and not my decision to make.

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now its working :slight_smile: i can start to play with the dashboard!! :smiley:
yeah i just talked to him and he tell me i can use it for free if i not sell the code, witch is not my intention :slight_smile:
i want to start a delivery business. here in my country there is a big one and it haves so expensive fees! and if it works i will be glad to contribute. now i m only testing…if it works maybe i pay for good installation.

alright, great :slight_smile:

the server side part is closed or there is some source code too? :’(

Do you mean if you can change the server-side ?
What do you wanna do ?

This whole project was fully open-source … but i received few messages from developer companies who wants to Create another Commercial Version of this project. And they want to use the source code.

Well … i dont mind sharing my source code with Market Admins … but i dont want another Software Company to Sell this source code sometimes without even giving any credit to the original project … forget about the financial contribution !

To counter and Prevent this from happening … I closed the server part.

But we will soon open it up once again … as the project grows and we have nothing to fear from these guys !


you are awesome guys!
at the moment i m only playing a little bit with the app. but i think i will need to adapt categories of the app in a way that the manager of the every shop can create his own categories (only visible in their shop). Because i want to focus on food delivery. So that categories would be something like “Rices” , “soups” “pasta” “drinks” “menus”…and it will be diferent in some busines
not sure i can do it only with the client side.

To be honest with you … this app was primarily designed for Grocery Delivery … considering that there are many categories and multiple vendors selling the same item !

The food delivery situation would be somewhat different because there are fewer categories and each restaurant needs to add unique item !

Well you can use this software for food delivery but … i guess you will need to make few adjustments here and there !

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Hey Guys!

I see that you have experience installing the app, can you please help out?

I stucked at step 4 using docker on DO.

How should I know the instance is running?
How can access the admin dashboard?

I want to test out the app first before actually paying some fees. If there are any?

Hi Sumeet! I’m new here.

Can we still use the app for free?

there is a free plan … which is good enough for anyone to try out the app …

Just follow our installation guide and customization guide and you can get the app up and running !

If you get stuck up anywhere then ask for help !