New Features Discussion

Lately we are seeing good participation and collaboration on the project. This is awesome and indication that we are heading towards good direction.

I have received suggestions and requests and based on that we have planned to add new features. Let’s have a discussion about that.

Private catalogue
The current item catalogue is a public catalogue where item database is Shared between all vendors. This is not suitable for food delivery where vendors may want to add their own items.
So private item catalogue has been planned and will be coming soon.

Discount indication
Based on the request we have been adding a discount indicator where item will highlight the discount with an indicator !!

Location and address Selection
We will add a screen where the user will be able to add new address from location selection screen .

UI improvements
I am experimenting with new screens which I will share with you guys.

Delivery by Market
Currently we support delivery by vendors where vendors would be able to deliver orders themselves. But we are having requests where market admins would want to deliver order by themselves !

If you need any new specific features feel free to Share !!


Here are some features I think will help give a good user experience
F 0 : some items are the same but they differ in term of quantity (1L of Coca , 2 L of Coca) currently these are different items .
the idea is to add multiple attributes for each product .
F 1 : Detect the user’s current location automatically .
F 2 : add delivery options (e.g 12-24h at 2$ , 48h at 3$ …etc )
F 3 : Referrals


Added new layouts for items in shop with discount indication … please checkout !

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Detection of users location automatically has been fixed … !

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That’s great Sumeet it’s awesome

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New layouts for Cart Items

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How i can get discount price,i try put in discount price in item in database but i can not see.

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Please ensure or check that you have upgraded your server !

Then you need to put list price in the Edit item screen. If a vendor sets the item price lower compared to the list price the discount will be automatically shown over the item.

For example the list price is 120 but vendor sets the item price as 60 then discount of 50 % will be shown over the item !

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Thank you sumeet it works for discount.
But after upgrading server i can not see my shops and i can not change in shop admin ,i get msg updated failed code:304

OK i submitted an update … try again upgrading your server … using this guide !

Thx, now working…perfect :ok_hand:

Hi! I am new to this forum and I stumbled upon this application from GitHub. I am a part of a group that is working to feed workers on the front lines. We need help with delivery logistics for our platform. I am wondering if you could help with repurposing your app to help with this project in the United States. We have volunteer delivery drivers willing to deliver food that is created in both small businesses and picked up from the houses of local chefs. We then need to deliver that food to local hospitals. Might your app be able to help with this delivery issue?

We already have plans to add a feature named as delivery by market. Where delivery people can pick up orders and deliver to customers.

If you are launching in United States you need to be aware that … We don’t have an iOS version. And we cannot guarantee it will be available soon or not !

Is that okay ?

Thank you for the prompt response. I think we will pursue another avenue because most of our volunteer drivers will be IOS based.