NearbyShops Pricing

Hi Everyone, I’m checking the pricing page in the main page of the project ( so to be clear: to setup the app (thanks Sumeet for your previous help) I have to pay 50USD(one time) and to run the app I have to pay 30USD/month up to 100 shops, is that correct (and final?)

Thanks again.

I was going to notify you all about that … but thanks for your keen observation and starting this discussion !

For one time setup the price will be 30 $ but its optional … if you can install the app on your own you don’t need to pay this fee.

30 $ per month startup plan and 150 $ per month business plan these prices are pretty much standard. Let me know what everyone of you feel about it !!

Now coming to the reason behind why i introduced pricing !

Initially i wanted to keep the project free of cost and make the project be funded by donations only !

But then i was not able to provide my full time and i was not able to hire anyone who can provide support and even help in the development !

Due to this quality of support was suffering and quality of project was also suffering !

By introducing the pricing … my goal is to improve the support and improve the overall quality of source -code and project !!

What do you guys think about it and let me know your thoughts and ideas on the pricing scheme !

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