Nearby shops end-user registration

I have cloned the end user app and already edited the file but I can’t signup to add items to cart. Login requires a phone number and OTP yet I disabled it in the file. Anyone with a solution to this?

Hi welcome to the forum …

Did you removed and reinstall the app …on client side ???

Thank you. Yes I did. I am using the one I cloned from github

And one more thing … after updating the api configuration … you need to restart the server. …

So did you restart ??

You can restart the server from

sudo shutdown -r now


sudo systemctl restart nearbyshopsapi

i forgot to do that. Lemme do it again

It worked. Thanks a lot @sumeet.

That’s great … Good to know

You are welcome. …!!!

I could register from shop owner app, and getting mail from mailgun, but I am not getting mail with end user app !

If you are using end-user app in multi-market mode then … It’s going to use global service for login …

But I just checked … The email is working fine !!!

I change to single market

well it should work also … because e-mails are sent on the backend side … so if its working on your shop -owner app … it should work on end-user app also !!