Mapbox maps integration


Many thanks for a wonderful shopping app.

I have a problem, I want to integrate Mapbox maps to the app instead of Google maps. But I can’t find the way to do it.
It will be a great help if you provide some guide.

Welcome to the forum !

We used to have Mapbox Integration. But unfortunately we removed it because the size of the library was really large compared to Google Maps which would inflate the download size of the app on Google Play Store.

Reason 2:
The Mapbox geocoding isn’t as good is Google’s Geocoding.

Reason 3:
Google Maps is free for Android although we understand that some people would still want to go with Mapbox since it’s open Source.

You are welcome to add Mapbox and Send us a pull request. We would be happy to include it as an option in future releases.

Thank you very much for your response.
I’m really interested to integrate Mapbox support. It will be a great help you if you please provide some hints for the entry point.

Hey pal,

Is there config somewhere, where you have defined about which map API to use.
You know every details of this development. Really need your help.


We used to have that config … but we removed it …

But adding Mapbox is simple : you only need to duplicate 2 screens … which need to be recreated for Mapbox …

Screen 1 : Map location picker : Nearby-Shops-Android-app/ at master · NearbyShops/Nearby-Shops-Android-app · GitHub

Screen 2 : Delivery Address Editor : Nearby-Shops-Android-app/ at master · NearbyShops/Nearby-Shops-Android-app · GitHub

Add latest Mapbox library as gradle dependency …

Just create a Mapbox version of these screens and we will add a config parameter where the user will be able to switch between the two …