Location Coordinates

Hi, I’m doing the setup of my market but it’s impossible to enter negative longitude/latitude values in the location coordinates section, I’m located in America so we need that negative values, it seems to be a field restriction for that, can you help me?

Thank you so much.

Thank you …for pointing that out …
It’s a bug … I will fix that

Until then you can pick a location by long clicking on the map !! It works and I just checked that !!

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Thank you Sumeet, but I’m working with the admin app and in the service configuration the “Pick location from map” isn’t working, it says “Feature not available!”.

I’m trying to rebuild from source but I have an error with the google maps key string in the manifest… I already created and replaced my api key in the google_maps_api.xml but it throws the same error.


Ok … if it’s about admin app yes … admin app is due for some major refactoring …

I will look into the key issue … is it in the admin app !!