Is there any compatible iOS apps?

Hi there,
I have purchased this app before one year didn’t go live. Now I am planning to launch it, but I also want to have an app for iPhone as well. Has anyone invested in creating an app for iOS which is compatible with same api? I am ready for pay of the app so that we can split the cost.


We are currently working on a flutter app project.
Flutter apps run on iOS and Android both.

But it will take time …

I am working on a progressive web application in React JS for supporting apple phone users as of now. Please let me know if the flutter app become ready also the price you are thinking for that. I am eager to buy.

Also while exploring the end points to connect from the React app, I noticed some end points are not secured such as /api/Cart isn’t it risk and any not logged users can delete all the carts in the system if they know the api end point. Also in signup I noticed the code verification and registering users happening in two different call. I think it should happen in single call otherwise if any one call the second end point directly they are able to register without any code verification.