I need a little help

Translations must be made before I release the app.
In the last 10-15 days, I’ve done a lot, added stings that weren’t there, but the problem is that the android studio shows the translation properly, while after the build apk, some

translation is not displayed.

Where is mistake.

Some of the strings are coded into the Source Code … And requires to be sorted out and extracted out of the Java Code into String resource files.

Its going to take some time !

Please look into this website : https://asrt.gluege.boerde.de/

Its really helpful for translating the strings !

Yes sumeet i know that,but my problem is android studio show translating strings,but after build apk ,strings not show in app,i added in string layout new string and in xml

Its because those string values are overwritten by java code !
I have noted this issue and soon we will have some solution or fix for it !