I cant add any items in admin app

Help needed
when i open the item database from the market admin the app keep closing.


Does it happen only with Market Admin App or it happens in Main Admin App also ?

We have updated the code … try to update your server and app code and check again !

Updated the codes nd api
Now the app is not crushing itself, but nothing appears when i click to the add category nd item buttons
Same in both admin apps

I can create the items by database manually, but when i enable through admin app it seems error 404.
Plz help @sumeet

You don’t have any categories …

You need to add few categories and few items also …

i did but items not showing in shop app but showing the categories
needed enable item nd seems error 404

have a look


the api was not updated on github … I recently pushed lot of updates to github …

try to download the latest code and for both app and api … and check again !

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