How to setup SSL certificate on my NBS Server

I need to configure an SSL certificate to enable the HTTPS protocol on my NBS server, do you know how to do it?

Which plan you are using ?

Well people dont do it intentionally … sometimes they are simply not aware …

but i hope to bring this into everyone’s awareness … !
This is not a free software and free use is not permitted … its illegal and violation of our terms of service !

By not paying for the software you are promoting the abuse of poor developers who spend time developing this project !

Like you get paid for your job … similarly everyone deserves to be paid for their work even the developers who work on open-source projects !

If you care about the future of this project then dont use this software without paying the license fee !

I understand, I am currently testing, however I am interested in installing nbs on my own server, what would be the price?

I have tried to make the payment through razorpay but the transaction is declined, do you have a PayPal account?