How to configure the shop owner and end user app

am just configuring the server from the installation page but i have no idea how to configure the end user and shop owner app downloaded from github

You don’t need to configure the apps …

All the markets can be accessed from nearby shops app …

ok can i just simply run the code in my android studio

See there are two ways to go ahead …

You can customize the apps and build you own app …

This way you have to update the app and customize the app each time you have to update the app.

Check this link to learn how to customize the apps :

You can access your market using multi - market mode …

In the multi-market mode … your market can be accessed through the nearby shops app along with many other markets … so you dont need to customize the apps and maintain the apps !

am trying to download the source code for the shop owner app but the page is blocked could you help me guys

If you want to use Nearby Shops for commercial use … you need to follow the terms of our license :

ok i see the licence terms of nearbyshops what else should i do

ya i see how to customise evearything but the souce code for the shop owner is not available in the link sir could you send send the source code by email

Ok here is the link to the source code :

thanks sir now i get it.

hi sir how are you to day when am connecting the one signal push notification to the app there is three app id and api_key does that mean should i have three instance in my pusher account in order to have three app_id and api_key sir

sir the file the one from droplet and the one downloaded should have to be the same or not

Yes you need to have one-signal account and you need to setup 3 projects …

You dont need to download … new file and … the one provided with the droplet … just update that … and then restart the api !

ok but there is file which is provided with the jar file to generate fat jar from source code does it should be updated like the one in droplet

what i mean sir i have a digital ocean account should i install Nearby Shops API on ubuntu locally ?

No no … its already installed on droplet … you have to do nothing just … setup e-mail, SMS and domain name and you are done …