How to can i manage mailgun notification

sir i have a problem in shop owner app i think this problem may exist in end user when i register to shop owner app by gmail ther is no confirmation code apears in my gmail i have mailgun account and i place it in please help me

even the sms otp did not work

SMS-OTP is currently enabled only for Indian phone numbers … But dont worry we are soon going to add extensions for Indian Phone Numbers also !

I have seen your E-mail credentials that you send throught PM … you have a dollar at the end of smtp_username …

Please remove that dollar $ and try again !

ok thanks i will try it

You need to restart … the server after you make changes to the config file …

sudo systemctl restart nearbyshopsapi

ya sir it works well now
but i have a problem in mapbox when am clicking the button there is no map only the frame appears what should i do

by the way it appears in shop owners app sir

You need to add style URL to enable maps …

Currently nearby shops use Mapbox Android ask …

You can get a style URL by creating a project on

Or even on Mapbox dot com

ok i understand it now sir
but i have one question my postgres database still could not connet to the server sir what will be the problem

You need to use correct username and password for postgres database. .

If you have changed the username and password in config file … have you updated the username and password for the database …

Try to undo the changes in config file … And restart the server

Ok is there any thing else i should do related to the port number or other ?

No port should be 5432 …

Restore the username password to the original that came with snapshot …

Then restart server…

Now if you want to change the postgres username and password … You should update it for postgres …

And after that update that in config file !!

sir i put the mapp tile url but there is no map in the pick locaton form sir what shuld i do
see the file
public static final String styleURLStreets = “”;
public static final String styleURLBright = “”;

what should be the possible problem sir

and the other one is which key should i use the

Embeddable viewer ===>


Use vector style====>

in file i see this

mapbox style url for maps

style_url_for_maps =

could it be the error sir

Yes that should work … if the API key is correct ! Have you put the correct API key please check !

Sometimes it takes some time to load the map … you may need to wait for 10 seconds !

no that’s not required … the maps should work if you put correct api key in the app !

sir should i have to install the JDBC driver to my pc in order to connect the postgress databae only the postgress by it self enough