How does the seller add products?

Hello thank you for this project but am really confused with some things.

  1. Why cant a seller just add porducts from their seller dashboard? because now the only option is for seller to select a product already added by super admin, which means i as the owner of the platform i have to upload all products and sellers have to select them for them to be in the shop?

2.Even after creating shops they dont show up in the App, even after adjusting the location, how to fix this issue?

welcome to the forum ! Glad you asked … other people may also have these questions !

Answer 1 : Yes … i understand your needs … and since one month before itself …

we are thinking and in the process of adding a feature … where seller would be able to add items to the shop directly !

Its just the matter of time … but this feature will be added very soon !

Now coming back to why Super Admin is given the ability to upload the products … - the reason behind that is to avoid unnecessary duplication of items !

Imagine all fruit sellers adding Apple’s to their shop … there will be lots of apples in the database …

Moreover … we also have items screen in the customer app where customers can compare the prices and see all the shops that are selling Apples’s. This is only possible if the super admin have the ability to add items that are globally available to all the sellers !

I believe this is how its done in the amazon also … there is one item and multiple sellers can sell those items !

A seller can of course set his own price and availability when he is adding the items to his shop !

Anyway … what do you think !! feel free to comment !

Answer 2 : There are many things to ensure that shops are visible in the customer app …

a) did you as admin approved / enabled the shop
b) shop has more than minimum account balance set by the admin …
c) the shop needs to have added at least one item in the shop and its price should be greater than zero … this is done to ensure that only shops with items are visible to the customer !
d) the last thing to ensure … shop needs to be set as open by the seller … closed shop are not visible in the customer app …

Currently Nearby Shops is in Beta … and we may be willing to make changes … as per the needs of the user … so if you have any suggestions feel free to give !

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Thank you very much for taking time to explain.
I understand the part where the Admin adds products globally for all sellers and this works for my use case (I want to turn sellers into just pick up points for my own idea) but here are some things that are not working properly.
1 End user is told that there are not shops in this location and they need to change the location but on their profile there is currently no way for them to change their location
2. Even with all shops i added the end user app cant show any of them

Ok the ability to change location for end-user will be added in future ! Until then you can use location faker app … to set a fake location …

Coming to the second issue …

Did you follow the checklist that I gave you ?

Is location enabled for end-user ?

Is end-user in delivery range of the shop ?

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ok i will try to fix these issues.
I have a really cool idea that i want to accomplish using this project as a base, when done i will tell you.
Thank you very much