Hosting on Google cloud

Hi Sumeet,
Is there any way to install the Nearby shops backend on Google cloud instead of Digital Ocean?
Also please specify the recommended specifications for the server .

Welcome to the forum Shashank … !

I dont have much experience with Google cloud … But Nearby Shops can be installed on any Server with Ubuntu …

There is already an installation guide provided for Ubuntu 16.04 …

I hope google cloud has Ubuntu Servers on their platform so in that case you can install Nearby Shops backend using this guide !

Thanks for the reply Sumeet!

Could you also recommend the specifications for the server?

Is an 8GB RAM and Dual-core CPU instance enough for running the nearby backend.

Installation can be done on 1 GB server also … for the purpose of demo that is sufficient …

But when you want to scale and you have more traffic you can increase the capacity of the server … as per your requirement …