Hey sorry for the delay!

hi sorry for the delay …

Are you with us … we will create a marketplace for you !

Please help ,
Thank you for 'generous healing efforts…

Generous healing efforts are true wisdoms …

Greeting , Gentelman !

It would be great if buyers or sellers of foods could have option to click donation 10% of food transaction order (automatically calculated)

For transparency of donation, it would be great to display options of Name & Bank account number of Orhanage caring centers, so that buyers or sellers of foods can click to donate directly to Orhanage caring centers.

Wishing you well !
Unconditional generous healing efforts are true wisdoms"

hi … right now we dont have online payment mechanism. We support payment on delivery. where delivery boy could collect payments.

We can create a marketplace for you. But customization is not possible right now ! Due to lot of workload !

Please help ,

That is already fantastic !
Thank you for healing efforts !

Okay we have created your market ! Download our app from google play !
And then select Chaing Rai Market.

Login to nearby shops app using your email : tanakorn.login@gmail.com

You can add multiple vendors to your market. Just tell the vendors to download our app, select chiang rai market and then create a new shop using become a seller option.

If you face any problem feel free to get in touch !

Hi Sumeet ,

That is fantastic healing wills !

Further progess will be updated to you.
Thank you so much !

hi are you able to access your market !

Hi Sumeet !

App is already downloaded. It is fanfastic !

Is there a link for tuturial for non-technical users ?
Thank you so much !

Yes we do have the tutorial :

Hi Sumeet ,

Great amazing software !
Thank you so much

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