General discussion

I am facing this issue

White label Error page:

This application has no explicit mapping for/error. So you are seeing this as fallback.

are you trying to access the web admin panel ! This issue exist and it will be fixed in the update !

Can we add users from here in admin dashboard?

no all users are registered as customer initially … you can upgrade them to staff or delivery boy !

you cannot add users directly !

Do we need to open port 5053?

<!-- Your instance url goes here. Connect your app to your instance. In case multi-market mode is enabled this URL will be ignored. -->
<string name="custom_url"></string>

put your server domain here with port number … what you have here is a domain and port of demo server !

I have enabled Vendor to deliver them self. Once vendor received an order how they can update the status of the order? I don’t see an option in the order. I see the order is with Waiting for Pickup status.

As soon as customer placed the order I see a Track order button but that doesn’t do any action. Is there any configuration needed for that to work?

Another question when trying to add staff member getting 304 error even though I have entered correct user ID and secret code from a user profile. What could be the reason?

Did you check that staff member must be customer … you cant convert a shop admin or market admin into a staff member !

Can you provide a screenshot … where is the option for tracking order ?

Yes … this is a pending issue … it will be fixed in future updates … order status … is not getting updated !

From this screen Track order is not doing anything.

Yes this was a newly registered customer and not a vendor or admin.

So if shops delivering themself, isn’t it possible mark order as delivered? Will it be Waiting for pickup forever

Yes this issue will be fixed … its pending !

I will push updates to source code when its done … you can generate app yourself when updates are pushed !

This is a pending issue and will be fixed … its a minor issue ! … will be fixed for sure !

I need to check ! … let me check and get back to you !

okay i checked … the admin is able to add delivery boy and a staff member … but the vendor is not able to add a staff member …

Thanks for highlighting this issue … i will look into it and push an update !

I see +91 as default when changing phone number from profile even though the market profile country is different.