Free Use No Longer Permitted!

Well people dont do it intentionally … sometimes they are simply not aware …

but i hope to bring this into everyone’s awareness … !
This is not a free software and free use is not permitted … its illegal and violation of our terms of service !

By not paying for the software you are promoting the abuse of poor developers who spend time developing this project !

Like you get paid for your job … similarly everyone deserves to be paid for their work even the developers who work on open-source projects !

If you care about the future of this project then please dont use this software without paying the license fee !

I am seeing someone from Dhaka, Siroki Brijeg, Surabaya, Casablanca, Karachi, Rawalpindi & Mexico …

Who are currently using the software for free and not willing to pay for it !

I’m from Mexico, and I never heard about this app. However I see one that probably looks very familiar. The app’s name is PIDDELO, can it be that one?