FAQs for Developers

In this topic we will address various questions that developers may have in their minds !

What is nearby shops ?
Nearby Shops helps you build your own local marketplace. Designed primarily for selling and buying fruits, vegetables and grocery. But you can sell and buy almost anything on nearby shops.
Nearby Shops is a location based app. Which means that what you see in the app depends on your current location (obtained using GPS). You will see only those items and shops at your location which can deliver at your location. The items and Shops which cannot deliver at your location are not shown.

What is the license used for nearby shops ?
Nearby Shops use MIT open-source license which is very liberal and allows you to use nearby shops for commercial use also.

How can developers contribute to the Nearby Shops project ?
Developers are more than welcome to contribute to the nearby shops open-source project. We need help for implementing various features. We are also planning to have a mechanism by which we can compensate the developers who contribute to the project.

What i need to know to learn nearby shops ?
You need to have intermediate level understanding of java backend and android development ! If you have that then you will be able to understand the technical side of the project.