Error while building a signed release APK/bundle

I get an error while building a signed APK/bundle

Have you updated your code recently ?

It appears like you failed to update few files …
The layout file in which is giving the error … please try to copy this file from the latest source code …

activity_place_order.xml … try to copy this file from the layout folder !

I cloned the app from the latest repository , the latest code have these errors

It‘s the exact same error I created an issue about.
I’ll look up the changes I made and post them here.

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I just made a clone using Git Clone


Then opened the source with android studio


Then Connected my app with a demo instance

And the app in running fine on my side !

Generating Signed APK ?

I also tried to Generate a Signed Release Bundle and It generated without giving errors !

I recently made changes in activity_place_order.xml file … ( the file which contains errors)

Please check that you both have the latest updated file from the source repository !

Or just do a manual check that your file is same as the latest file in the Github Repo !

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Thanks for Sharing !
Are you getting this error when launching on Emulator … ?

Or you are getting it only when generating Signed Bundle ?

The app works fine when launching on both Android device and emulator .
I only get this when generating Signed bundle/apk

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OK … thanks for pointing it out … i will try to look into it and fix it asap !!!

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Got it !

It was truly an error in a layout file (duplicate ID’s) … but android studio on my side failed to show me an error ! - the error checking for XML files are sometimes not so strict !

I have fixed it and pushed a commit ! Please copy the new file and let me know if you still see the Error !

copied the file and re-built the project but after making a signed apk , I get the same exact error

Ok i made few updates … give it one more try !

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Problem solved , thank you

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Wow ! … it was quite a relief …

Thanks for your painful work thought … your effforts are truly deserving of appreciation !!!

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