End user app translation

Hello everyone, we are translating the end user app to Spanish to do some real world tests; we already done all the strings and layout files but some texts remain in English, like the generated ones in the orders section, any idea where to look?

Thank you so much.


hi ,

Its really awesome work you are doing improving the project !!

I assume you are talking about the order status that is written in English !!

Currently Order Status is hard-coded into a Java file as a Constant … I will soon convert the constants to fetch the value from string resources …

You need to look for files in this package : org.nearbyshops.enduserappnew/model/modelStatusCodes

you can modify also if thats possible for you and send me a pull request !

Thank you Sumeet, our translation is also hard-coded and not “beauty” at all, let me finish it and also I have to learn how to contribute to the project (about Git), yes, we are only starting in this kind of work…

Thank you again for all your time and help.

yes … you are welcome !!

Hi Sumeet, We are done with the majority of the translation of the end user app to Spanish, thanks for your help, but i have one more question regarding this: how to translate the push notifications related with the order status, they are working as expected, but our users can take that texts in foreign language as a problem.

Thank you.

hi jamie,

The push notification messages are hardcoded in the source code of the backend api . So In order to customise the message right now you will have to edit the source code for the api.

We are trying to improve push notifications … we will have strings.xml resource in android apps which will be used to save notification messages …

Thank you Sumeet, I was thinking something like that, no problem, right now is not something critical.