Docker-compose up - not doing anything after base url

HI! Just found this project on the Internet, trying to come up with a solution for our local town. We’re still under community quarantine due to the COVID19 pandemic, and going to groceries is really a pain.

I think this project could help our town, when I set it up for local use, and grocery delivery will be possible.

I tried installing it today in a DO Docker Droplet, after firing docker-compose up it stopped at Base URL: line.

Anyone, please help.

What info would you need? to better address my issue.

Thanks to the project dev team!

I dont think there is any error … its a normal workflow …

After docker-compose up you should exit container using Ctrl + C or Ctrl + D

Then type docker-compose start to start the container and follow the remaining steps !

Okay, thanks! Will try that.

Quick question please.

What is the difference between:

…and the docker-compose.yml file inside…


No difference …

I hope you are aware that free plan is limited to only 30 -10 vendors … you cant add more vendors on a free plan !

Yeah, I’m aware of that.

I want to try out the app first before, so I’m installing it on my DigitalOcean server. However, up till now, I have no success.

Not sure, if the guides are up to date.