Database & Firebase Change

How can i change firebase configuration & database url & where i can find these credentials in my firebase? i want to change the database to my database…please help

your database is already secure … its available for internal access only. So even if you let the database credentials remain as it is … nobody can access it from external or outside world !

Still if you want to change your database credentials you can do it from this link …

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you are talking about push notifications right ?

I will update the tutorial … this tutorial will be available in the integrations section at this link

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Thankyou so much great answers :slight_smile:

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Hi Sumeet,

Can I have database schema for this project.

Why do you want a database schema ?

Give me your phone let’s talk … After discussion I will give you !

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I am student of MCA and I have to submit my project report. I found this project to be very helpful and its working well. For my understanding and for the purpose of viva I would need database schema. As I have to mention the tables name and also need to create ER diagram. If you can provide me database schema that would be great help.

Call me on my phone !