Customizing end-user-app

Am trying to customize the end-user-app. While trying to login, there’s this statement that says…Nearby shops in India.

Am not in India and would like to remove the statement, I’ve checked all the login activities, classes and fragments but can’t find a place where i can remove the statement.

Kindly help a brother out.

Thanks for posting here … @anon28437185

Feel free to ask questions … i will be glad to help you …

Can you post some screenshots ! … as far as i believe if you are building enduser app from latest source … this issue has already been fixed …

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Thanks for your response. Let me rebuild the latest source code and launch it again. If the issue persists i will be back on the forum

Screenshots of latest build …

The name of the market is displayed which you can set in admin app

If you need any help in building from latest source feel free to ask !

While building from latest source … make sure that getMultiMarketMode() in returns false

and getServiceURL() returns service_url for your markets …