Contributor Compensation Program

If you have any questions and enquiries about “Contributor Compensation Program” please post them here.

If you’re interested or planning to make any contribution to this project then also you can tell us about it here.

About CCP - Contributor Compensation Program

We are launching our new scheme “contributor compensation program”.
Which means that we will pay anyone who makes some useful contribution to “Nearby Shops open-source project”

Source-Code for Nearby Shops is available on GitHub … if you enjoy working on an open-source project. Please go ahead and make a contribution and we will compensate you for your time and efforts.

You will be paid at the rate of 10-15 $ per hour for your compensation. We may increase the compensation up to 50 $ per hour if you are from a country where cost of living is very high.

Please note that we reserve the right to accept or reject your contribution. You will be paid only if your contribution is accepted.

Ability to pay for contributions depend on availability of funds … we recommend you to talk with us before you plan to make any contribution to this project.