Container restarting

Using the docker droplet on digitalocean , i got stuck on docker-compose up … several errors on the text and on the next command docker exec -it nbs_api_container bash
i got this message again and again…

Container xxxxxxxxxxx is restarting, wait until the container is running

any idea why its restarting continuosly.

i have installed the droplet before whitout any problems

Thanks for posting … we will look into it !

Its working now, i think it was an issue on DigitalO end.

Add these new Fields to file …
when upgrading your server please ensure that you have added these fields before upgrading !

Date Added 16 June 2020

market_fee_for_pick_from_shop = 1
market_fee_for_home_delivery = 2

add_market_fee_to_bill = true

market_delivery_fee_per_order = 30

bootstrap_mode_enabled = true

Date added 20 June 2020

use_standard_delivery_fee = true

Date Added 10 July 2020

cash_on_delivery_enabled = true
pay_online_on_delivery_enabled = true

razorpay_enabled = true
razorpay_key_id = rzp_test_abcde
razorpay_key_secret = abcde

How to resolve server stuck in loop

In case you fail to add the fields after updating the server may get stuck up in a restart loop. To come out of loop and add the fields … do the following procedure

sudo -s
cd /var/lib/docker/volumes

cd into api_data folder and you will find …
add the missing fields into this file and restart the server !

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