Connecting nearbyshop Server and mobile App


I have setup the nearbyshop server on my ubuntu machine. It works fine. I have also setup mailgun account and updated the SMTP credentials in the configuration.

I have downloaded the nearby app from Playstore on to my Android phone and signed up. Now i am trying to create a market to test this.

AIUI, Now if i submit the market from the mobile APP - using submit market option (<http://ipofmymachine:5121 ) it should have connected to the server ? (Mobile and the ubuntu machine are on same WIFI network ) Or is there anything else i need to tweak before that.

Bit of networking i might be missing here - any quick help ?

One more question - How do we setup SMS - OTP ? Integration guide only talks about email options.


hi … Your server should be hosted on internet with real Internet IP address not on the local network !

Submit market option is not required if you just want to connect your server to your mobile app. You need to submit your market if you want your market to be visible / accessible from nearby shops app.

If you are simply JUST want to connect your mobile app to the server then follow these steps.

Step 1 : Clone the end user app from github repository

Step 2 : Set host ip and server url in this file . Define a constant and set default_service_url to that constant.

Can I try this service on Google Cloud with PostgreSQL ? How to set it up

Thanks Sumeet! Sorry i was out on Holiday. SO could not reply to you. I will try this.