Collaboration with Nile

Hey my name is Marco, I’m the founder of Nile
I think that we share a lot of values. One of the main objective is to create a federation between all the local ecommerces.
What do you think?

Is this open source too?

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Of course! Take a look at the website

I cant see any links to the github repo

found it ! thanks…

Are you available for a call? :slight_smile:

its great if its open-source … the buyer app looks cool !

… where can we get the demo of the app … there is no download link given on your website !

It’s still a work in progress. It was born almost 1 year ago on github!
You already built a lot of things, it doesn’t make sense to build two open source products that do the same thing.
Sorry for the brief messages of this weekend I wasn’t without my computer. If you can join our community we can speak there about our ideas