Change images error


After i setup all,build app and try change image on market conf my app app not save change
In section add item in database ,after i click save ,app not save

I have not idea what is wrong,sometimes app crashes, and after i nistall on mob phone app ,i have not app icon on screen

I try all few times customise app from the begining and every time i have this bug

Push all your changes to Github,
Send me the link
I’ll have a look

sory i have not github account
can i sent on other way

Make yourself one
Programming without github is senseless :grinning:

a uhh, i am not programer

Github shows me all the changes you made to your code
It allows you to easily get updates and collaborate with others.
If you just send me your code I have to search manually for your changes. I’m willing to help you but not do all the work. Creating a Github account and cloning the repository is easy and you can do it.

I will add you in this

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