App Crash on Opening? Please help

I published app bundle on playstore but when I am installing the app & opening it, it is getting crashed on every phone & these errors are showing (as shown in screenshot) please help in solving it !

Thanks for posting Sourabh …

I will look into it … ! Are you sure you have the latest source code !

What is the version of the phone and which android version you are using !

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I am using Redmi Note 7 Pro with Android Pie, Actually the app is working fine when I am trying to run it via Android studio on my phone but on exporting it’s signed apk bundle & publishing into playstore, after that when I am trying to install & open published app, this error occurs, do you think it is due to playstore bundle compression, playstore compresses the apk for different devices? I need to resolve this, can you try fixing this via anydesk or team viewer at any time you say?