3 issues on shop setup

Hello Sir,
I have followed the quick installation process and i think we are near complete but i’m facing the some challenges

  1. I’ve downloaded the app, logged in but i cant see admin dashboard or any market in my area. I’ve manually set my area to bali, Indonesia

  2. I’ve submitted a market using my ip >> successful. Still no market

  3. I’m now trying to setup multi-market and i get ERROR 404: Not Found. after this command wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NearbyShops/Nearby-Shops-SDS-API/master/docker-compose.yml

Your kind direction is very much appreciated

Yes forgot to mention in the tutorial that the markets submitted to Nearby Shops would be visible only after approval ! This is to prevent fake markets appearing on the main app.

Have you tried customizing our app ?


YOu can connect directly with your market through your own custom app.

About issue number three …

Yes … thanks for pointing out the missing file … this would be fixed very soon !

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Hey Chief Summet,
This is noted.

    • How long does approval take? Will the admin dashboard appear in my app?
  1. My primary interest is the hyperlocal module multi market app (SDS). Once, you make this available, kindly alert me. Secondly, will wget-ing that module update all my files or will i have to build it on a new droplet? This is where i will customize for this market

I’d like to eventually run this in tandem or replacing with my existing market
I have read your T&C on commercial production and i’ll comply.

  1. Do you mind or can someone in this great forum mind sharing nearbyshop instances that are in production and working in various markets? (market knowledge developer :smiley:)

Thanks/ TM

Hello …

  1. I will approve it soon …

No we dont have any instance … if you dont like that … then dont use this app or project …

I’ll definitely use this project. It’s awesome and everything I was looking for to grow my fresh food business. And for that kudos.

How about question 2, about upgrade to multimarket?

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Yes … the multi-market technology … you can not test it …


this is the new URL for compose file … use it with wget command

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Thanks ! Good to know you find this useful !

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